Typical Corporate Entertainment Events

Celebrity Group Corporate Team will provide you with unlimited suggestions and ideas for a high profile Entertainer, Band, Presenter, Host, Comedian, Guest Speaker or Movie Star to attract your clients to any type of Private or Corporate Event, Meet-and-Greet, Concert, Product Launch, Opening, Interview Opportunity, Ribbon Cutting, or Champagne Reception. Corporate events must be 100% sponsored by a brand or service for invited guests only with no tickets on sale to the public.

This service a completely free of charge, no fee is payable until we secure the Talent of your choice within the pre-agreed budget, which will also include our commission.

However, before we start work we do need clients to establish an outline Brief on which we can base our suggestions and estimate costs. To assist you in preparing your Brief we list below some of the questions you should consider which will affect the type of Talent we might propose and their possible cost. As much of this information as possible should be included in your Brief.

  • Details of the proposed corporate sponsor with website.
  • Details of any Talent who have been booked previously and fee paid.
  • Proposed date and venue of event. (Provide website of venue).
  • Maximum number of proposed audience/guests?
  • Who are proposed audience? (Customers, staff, VIP’s, Public)?
  • Will tickets be on sale to public for this event? (Not permitted for Corporate events).
  • Will public be admitted to this event free?
  • Will Talent be required for any pre-publicity or promotion?
  • Will there be a VIP area where Talent will be expected to meet guests?
  • Will Talent be expected to post or promote the event on their own social media?
  • Will Talent be expected to meet the media for interviews or photographs before or after event?
  • Will images or video of event be filmed, if so, where, when, for how long will this material be used?
  • Maximum budget available for Talent fee.
  • Talent wish list?


Click HERE to submit an inquiry to us, including as much of the above information as possible.