Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 01 2022

Adut Akech & Imaan Hammam for BOSS

Adut Akech & Imaan Hammam Have a Golden Holiday With BOSS

Adut Akech & Imaan Hammam for BOSS - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group BOSS raises the bar for shine with their Holiday 2022 ad. The photos of top models Adut Akech and Imaan Hammam show them posing in an area with tilted mirrors to give it a kaleidoscope aspect.   Adut Akech's clothing is meant for dressier events; she wears a gold sequined blazer with a pair of black shorts.    Imaan Hammam can be seen posing in another image while donning a jacket over a black and glittery holiday party outfit.   “The end-of-year holidays are a time for giving and reflection in equal measure. In this spirit, BOSS concludes 2022 – a year of glowing success – with a truly radiant holiday campaign. Mirrors and golden backgrounds create a mesmerizing, luminous atmosphere as a new BOSS cast showcases new ready-to-wear and gifts in a festive color palette of gold and iconic black.” BOSS said.   A cardigan, sneakers with metallic elements, and sunglasses complete the holiday ensemble.    The accessories line also includes rings, necklaces, and belts that feature the BOSS emblem.  
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