Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 04 2022

Alessandro Michele’s last Gucci collaboration

Gucci's Cosmogonie Campaign Is a Celestial Celebration of Historical Glamor with Alessandro Michele

  Alessandro Michele - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group Alessandro Michele - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group   Even though Alessandro Michele and Gucci just split, the House is still honoring some of his best work to date with the recently unveiled Cosmogonie ad.   Gucci hired the photography team of Mert & Marcus to take pictures of the House's most cutting-edge pieces against by Alessandro Michele in an unreal environment to highlight the same Cruise 2023 presentation that the campaign draws its name from.    The collection made its official presentation in front of the Castel del Monte, which is a location full of mystery and dramatic attraction. Interstellar constellations and heavenly special effects are used here as the background for Gucci's clothing, which stands out as much as the stars they are backed by.   The ad highlights the depth of dimensions and the mystical story that the runway presentation exuded as the clothing are worked alongside objects that indicate themes of poets, intellectuals, astronomers, philosophers, and mathematicians.   The garments, though, are some of Alessandro Michele's most alluring to date. Ruffles, Victorian-era allusions, silhouettes from the 1940s, and optical illusions reminiscent of a 1970s trip mix with well-liked House motifs and contemporary favorites like the Aphrodite bag. On an off-the-shoulder knit sweater, monograms and fisherman stripes combine, and metal is cut into sequins and worn over the head like a chic fortune teller.   The handles of bags function as haloes, the ends of loafers are covered in a snakeskin print, the brooches on the padded poncho drip with '40s glitz, and the pairing of an oversized jacket with deep-cut lapels with shorts and riding boots borders on the ridiculous.   The collection will soon start to appear in stores and on regional websites, as well as at a variety of stockists who will also carry some store-only items.  
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