Posted by Paul Grimwood on Jan, 13 2018

Burton Signs Josh Patterson to Front Activewear Range

Burton is releasing a new activewear range called HIIT, with Josh Patterson as the brand ambassador.

Josh Patterson for Burton The new line, called HIIT after the popular high intensity interval training workout method, has just been unveiled and is being promoted by Made in Chelsea star Josh Patterson as brand ambassador. He has been sharing images and video on his Instagram account this week. And part of its advertising campaign includes a survey on how exercise can boost positive feelings. RELATED: Josh Patterson Named AW16 Brand Ambassador For Fairfax & Favor Josh comments, "I've really enjoyed working with Burton on the HIIT collection, not only does this range look great but it also helps me perform whilst exercising. Sport and exercise have always been a massive part of my life, it's something I love doing as I always feel great afterwards. Fronting the first HIIT collection is something I'm very proud of." To back up the launch, the survey of 500 men conducted in recent weeks showed that 77% of men experience feelings of anxiety and low mood and that 58% use exercise to alleviate these feelings, while 86% see a noticeable change afterwards. Some 56% of respondents said that what they wear counts and they feel more motivated to work out when they have new gym kit to wear. The most style-conscious were in Northern Ireland where 77% of men said it was key, closely followed by London at 66%. In fact, 76% of London men said appearance is the most important reason to exercise and the South East generally is where the pressure to look good seems to be increasing the most, with 96% of men there saying pressure is growing.