Posted by Paul Grimwood on Mar, 09 2017

Charlie Sheen Sheds Bad-Boy Image in Campaign for Hostelworld

Hostelworld has enlisted Charlie Sheen to help debunk common myths about hostels.

Charlie Sheen for Hostelworld Charlie Sheen stars in a spoof advertising campaign for Hostelworld to redeem his bad-boy image. The actor stars in a series of six videos, with each video starting with a damning headline broadcasting that Sheen is up to no good again. But it is quickly revealed that the actor is actually doing a wholesome activity from the comforts of a clean and cozy–looking hostel. RELATED: Charlie Sheen Endorses Lelo Hex Condoms Otto Rosenberger, Chief Marketing Officer at Hostelworld, comments, "We’ve teamed up with Sheen to poke fun at his irreverent past and prove that hostels, too, have reformed. Today they have private rooms with ensuites and a unique range of facilities from roof top terraces to pools to trendy bars. Most importantly, though, they bring an extraordinary variety of people together from all around the world. It’s definitely time to live it up in a hostel!" In the next “breaking” update below, Sheen “cooks up in a hostel.” Turns out, he makes a mean pork chop that proves he (and his inexpensive lodging option) is “more civilized than you might think.” The films are designed to showcase what travellers can now expect when staying in hostels, highlighting that they're modern, stylish and secure whilst offering facilities such as private rooms and trendy bars. The point is that, as with Sheen, it's time to leave preconceived misconceptions in the past. Directed by Moxie Pictures' Vaughan Arnell, the films are running as skippable video/pre-roll across YouTube and Facebook as well as media including TMZ, HuffPost, Vice & Mashable. Save Save