Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 15 2022

Chris Tarrant for National Lottery in Support of Ukraine – through The Celebrity Group

Chris Tarrant for Support for Ukraine sponsored by National Lottery - through The Celebrity Group

Chris Tarrant for National Lottery - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group   Did you know that Chris Tarrant, one of the most recognisable television personalities in Britain with a nearly 50-year career, hosted a Ukrainian family in his house after the Russian invasion began?   At Liverpool's Royal Albert Docks, Chris Tarrant and The National Lottery have unveiled an arresting piece of art that features a portrait of Ukrainian immigrant Vladyslava Zhmuro, who fled the violence and is now helping others in similar situations.   Sergey Piskunov, a Ukrainian artist, has projected a massive, hyper-realistic portrait onto the side of the old structures.   The image is a component of a campaign that celebrates people who go above and beyond to assist those who are displaced worldwide and support the refugee crisis. This brand partnership brings attention to a crisis that is still ongoing and takes a stand against the war.   Additionally, the project kicks off the preparations for Liverpool to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of reigning champions Ukraine.   Broadcaster and television personality Chris Tarrant said: "I've had three Ukrainian refugees living with me. They're just the nicest people. I really love them. There's a mum, 65, then the daughter is about 20 odd, and then there's a baby. I'm now the godfather to the baby, who is now 15 months. When they came to us, they were literally sleeping on the airport floor, the three of them in Poland."   "I was saying to my missus, we must do something. It's just unreal this whole thing, and then we went through various things like getting visas, and suddenly they were coming tomorrow morning! They've been with us since the second week of March, and they're just so sweet."   Vladyslava Zhmuro’s story   The portrait's subject, Vladyslava Zhmuro, works as a caseworker for the Welsh Refugee Council and has accomplished amazing things in helping Ukrainian refugees find housing after being uprooted by the conflict.   Ms Zhmuro said: "I came to the UK because of the war with Russia that is going on in Ukraine. I live in Cardiff now, and I started to work for the Welsh Refugee Council. National Lottery decided to acknowledge the work they do and the work I do.   "I wanted to get involved to help other people who are in the same situation as I was, to help them with problems they face and just make their lives easier."   This partnership between Chris Tarrant and National Lottery was proudly brokered by The Celebrity Group.    Experts at The Celebrity Group said: "We were pleased and proud to be asked by The National Lottery to arrange a celebrity spokesman, with a link to Ukraine. Through our Celebrity Information Database (CID) we were aware that Chris Tarrant was hosting a Ukranian family in a cottage next to his house. Chris has also spoken frequently about his support for Ukraine so was delighted to accept our invitation to work with the National Lottery to promote this unique campaign".
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