Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 08 2022

Ciara for Instacart

Ciara Instacart Celebrity Health ambassador

Ciara Instacart Celebrity Health ambassador - Brand Partnership - The Celebrity Group

The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and Instacart ambassador Ciara divulged what she eats to fuel her through her busy days, and you can shop for them now too!

Through her partnership with Instacart Health, the One, Two Step singer shares how she fuels her busy days.

The new initiative will launched on 28 September 2022 and has some exciting features that are set to make grocery shopping easier. Such features include a shoppable recipe library, curated carts and recommendations by health professionals and celebrities.

A couple days ago, Ciara's Cantina arrived at Instacart. Get your next home-cooked meal to feel like a rockstar.

Ciara has stated to Women's Health that she hopes her cart will inspire others to put together better grocery lists and fill their fridge with good food that is nourishing to the body.

"Knowing that I can have quick access to healthy options is super important in my every day, very busy life," the 36-year-old celeb said. "I love that this Instacart Health launch serves inspiration and fact-based information to help more people access and eat healthier and more nutritious food."

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