Posted by Paul Grimwood on Mar, 27 2018

Haliborange Teams with Rochelle Humes to Talk Kids’ Health

British singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes has partnered with children's vitamins brand Haliborange to support its Fusstrations campaign.

Rochelle Humes for Haliborange Rochelle is choosing to share her story in support of Haliborange’s ‘Fusstrations’ campaign which aims to give parents peace of mind knowing that fussy eating is a phase. Rochelle comments, "Kids are fussy about almost everything; Alai-Mai used to insist on wearing certain things and I would just leave her be, but with eating it is different. Like all parents I want my children to get the right nutrients, but it’s frustrating when they’re fussy with their food. Rather than thinking it will pass, you think ‘oh gosh, I’ve got a ‘fussy eater’’ and you get ‘fusstrated.’ "Alai-Mai has taken Haliborange and she loves the taste! Even if dinner times don’t work out as planned it’s reassuring to know she is still getting the essential nutrients she needs." RELATED: Rochelle Humes Promotes Denim Drift as Dulux Brand Ambassador The Department of Health recommends that children aged between six months and five years should take a supplement containing vitamins A, C and D. It also recommends children aged one to four years take a 10mcg vitamin D supplement all year round and aged 5+ in autumn and winter. Despite the recommendations, evidence suggests that nearly two-thirds of parents have never given their children vitamin supplements, and Rochelle believes not enough is being done to teach parents about the benefits. "In the media, parents are often blamed for fussy eating but there’s very little information about supplementing children’s diets, so it’s easy to see why people worry", she says. Nutritional therapist, Shona Wilkinson, agrees that more should be done to advise families: "Children are growing and developing at a fast rate meaning that they require more nutrition for their weight than adults do. "I’ve spoken to lots of parents who are totally unaware of the recommendations. They know vitamins are good for you, but there’s also confusion about the health benefits. "Vitamin D aids calcium absorption which is essential for the normal growth and development of bones and teeth. Good sources of vitamin D-rich foods include oily fish, egg yolks and red meat so parents should try to include those in their children’s diet. Similarly, omega-3 DHA also found in oily fish is scientifically shown to support vision and brain development. These are all essential for our children’s growth and will help them to shine in life."