Posted by The Celebrity Group on Feb, 14 2023

Halle Berry partners with Pendulum Therapeutics

Halle Berry Invests In Pendulum Therapeutics, Becomes Chief Communications Officer

Halle Berry Invests In Pendulum Therapeutics, Becomes Chief Communications Officer - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group Halle Berry is assuming a new role to assist you in achieving your unique health objectives. Halle Berry has joined Pendulum Therapeutics, a biotech startup, as the Chief Communications Officer, according to a news statement. She now owns shares in the business and invests in it as well. Following the consumption of their probiotics products, the wonderful news is revealed. After speaking with Pendulum CEO and co-founder Colleen Cutcliffe about motherhood, health, and public education, Halle Berry became even more drawn to the company. “When Halle and I met, we instantly connected on our shared passion to help others achieve their personal health goals,” said Cutcliffe in a news release. “She is aligned with our mission to empower people to transform their gut and metabolic health with clinically-proven products and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board. In an industry rife with fly-by-night wellness enthusiasts, we both sensed one another’s authenticity from the onset and knew this partnership would promote substantive health improvement for the masses.” Along with the leadership team, Halle Berry's responsibilities will be to support Pendulum Therapeutics' growth and innovation. Experts in "microbiology, biochemistry, medicine, and nutrition from research institutes such as Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, and Stanford University" will be working closely with her.
“Your gut and microbiome are so important to the rest of your overall health. It’s all connected. When I started using Pendulum, I immediately felt the difference in both my body and mind and I have been using it every day since,” said Halle Berry, according to a press release. “I am beyond excited to join the brilliant and thoughtful Pendulum team. We all know how tough it can be to break through the noise and find the healthy practices that truly work best for you and your body. My hope is that in this new role, I can help others discover this incredible product and begin their own personal journeys towards a more holistic and healthy life.”
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