Posted by The Celebrity Group on Feb, 12 2023

Jack Harlow and Sir Elton John for Doritos

Jack Harlow, Sir Elton John and Missy Elliot star in Doritos 2o23 Super Bowl Ad

Jack Harlow and Sir Elton John for Doritos - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group 2023 Doritos Super Bowl commercial with Elton John, Jack Harlow, and Missy Elliott. In the advertisement, Doritos encourages fans to attempt different angles by embracing the triangle—both the shape and the underrated musical instrument. In addition to being entertaining and funny, the advertisement features the product. The only aspect of the product that is advertised is its appearance; the taste, which is the key element of food, is left out. In the 2023 Doritos Super Bowl commercial, Harlow is shown searching for inspiration for his upcoming song. Jack alters his music with the captivating sound of a triangle instrument, drawing inspiration from the shape of his favourite food and essentially turning the music business on its head. Jack Harlow unleashes triangle mania when Missy Elliott and Elton John, two musical legends, are there. “Doritos’ mission to try another angle really resonates with me, whether it be pursuing a new artistic challenge like acting or working on a new sound with my own music,” said  Jack Harlow. “Missy Elliott and Elton John are two people who have inspired me for years, so it was an honor to work with them on another timeless Super Bowl ad.” “Doritos always has the most entertaining and fun Super Bowl commercials, so to become a part of this year’s spot through Doritos’ TikTok challenge is unreal!” said Yadao-Payad. “As a long-time Doritos fan, it makes me want to grab a bag and dig in because Doritos is my go-to snack for any party.” “Filming this year’s Doritos Super Bowl commercial was so much fun,” said Sir Elton John. “Their commercials are always so creative, and I was of course honored to be chosen as the ‘Triangle Player of the Year’ – I hope Jack doesn’t mind!
For more than two decades, Doritos has continuously delivered bigger and bolder Super Bowl commercials,” said Brett O’Brien, chief marketing officer at Frito-Lay North America. “Music continues to play a central role in our campaigns, as Doritos teams up with the hottest musical artists to deliver something unexpected for fans. We’ve continued that legacy with a trio of iconic talent to inspire fans to break out of the norm and try another anglethrough this commercial and a first-of-its-kind digital experience.
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