Posted by The Celebrity Group on Feb, 07 2023

Jill Scott for Starling Bank

Starling Bank taps Jill Scott to support grassroots women’s football

Jill Scott partners with Starling Bank - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group The latest brand campaign from online banking company Starling Bank, which partners with Jill Scott to enhance the representation of women and girls in grassroots football, has been announced. Following up on its sponsorship of the Women's Euro last summer, "Kick On with Starling Bank" will give women's and girls' grassroots teams across the nation free football uniforms, coaching credits, and equipment. The campaign was started in response to data that showed how difficult it was for many female grassroots football clubs to provide equitable training opportunities in the face of the rising cost of living. After the Euros, interest in women's grassroots football increased by 73%, yet 72% of these teams report having difficulty affording supplies like uniforms. The programme, which will involve a £200,000 donation of gear, equipment, and coaching vouchers to women's and girls' grassroots football clubs, is being spearheaded by Lionesses star Jill Scott MBE and the bank. “The Lionesses didn’t just bring it home for England, we brought it home to inspire more women and girls to play the game. Grassroots pitches are where that legacy really begins,” Scott said. “The cost of living crisis is worrying for clubs everywhere, but it’s amazing to see how hard parents and volunteer coaches are working to create opportunities for women and girls to play. I wish I could thank them all.” The development of the first fantasy football game for women's football in the UK, as well as out-of-home takeovers in London and Manchester with star players Rachel Yankey, Lauren Hemp, and Jill Scott, are just a few of Starling Bank's recent initiatives to encourage grassroots women's football.
Starling Bank chief banking officer, Helen Bierton added: “Women’s football has come so far in the last year; we cannot let the cost of living crisis derail that progress.” “That’s why we’ve developed Kick On with Starling. It’s the next phase of our commitment to levelling the playing field, giving grassroots clubs the help they need to make women and girls’ sporting ambitions come true.”
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