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KATRINA KAIF FOR AQUAFINA - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group After receiving numerous accolades and awards this year, actor and entrepreneur Katrina Kaif remains one of the most sought-after brand names in the country today.   Katrina Kaif is working to strengthen her existing relationships with brands, particularly PepsiCo India. She moves on to be the brand ambassador of packaged drinking water, Aquafina, after endorsing Slice and being the face of many iconic campaigns for the soft beverage brand for 16 years.   “Hydration has always been a key area of focus for me. I’ve been wanting to do something in the hydration space for some time now and delighted to get this opportunity with PepsiCo India to be the face of Aquafina,” she said in a statement.   “Goes without saying, Slice will always remind us of Katrina who has been a wonderful face of the brand for over the last 16 years. The campaigns that we have created together will go down in history and always remind the audiences as they remind them of the indulgences of mangoes. It is not a goodbye, but rather the beginning of a new journey as we continue our association with her by welcoming Katrina to our Aquafina family,” said Anuj Goyal, associate director, Tropicana and Slice, PepsiCo India.
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