Posted by The Celebrity Group on Nov, 20 2023

Katya Jones and Alison Steadman support Oxfam

A notable group of personalities, including Katya Jones, Alison Steadman, and Miquita Oliver, have thrown their support behind Oxfam's campaign urging people to give pre-loved gifts this Christmas. Actress Alison Steadman expressed her endorsement, stating, 'I’d be proud to get a pre-loved present this year, it’s not about the price tag, it’s about the positive impact that extending the life of items has, and the life-saving work that Oxfam can do with the money raised.'

The endorsement from these well-known figures amplifies the message of Oxfam's campaign, encouraging people to embrace the idea of giving and receiving second-hand gifts during the holiday season. Alison Steadman's emphasis on the positive impact of extending the life of items speaks to the broader sustainability narrative, emphasizing the importance of reducing waste and making conscious choices in gift-giving.

The celebrities' involvement adds a touch of influence to the campaign, leveraging their public profiles to raise awareness about Oxfam's initiative. By expressing pride in receiving pre-loved presents, they help destigmatize the idea of second-hand gifts and reinforce the value of thoughtful and sustainable giving.

Alison Steadman's acknowledgment that it's not about the price tag underscores the campaign's focus on the sentimental and environmental value of pre-loved items. The money raised through the sale of second-hand gifts can contribute to Oxfam's life-saving work, creating a meaningful connection between sustainable choices and positive social impact.

As the holiday season often revolves around consumerism, the campaign led by Oxfam and supported by these personalities promotes a shift in mindset towards more mindful and eco-friendly choices. By encouraging the public to consider pre-loved gifts, the campaign aligns with the growing movement towards sustainable living and responsible consumption, reflecting a broader cultural shift towards conscious gifting during the festive season.

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