Posted by The Celebrity Group on Nov, 27 2023

Kit Connor partners with BMW

BMW is embarking on a new chapter in mobility, unveiling an inspiring campaign that underscores the importance of embracing innovation and venturing into unexplored territories as part of its forward-looking transformation. Dubbed "The Neue New," this multi-channel campaign premiered earlier this year alongside the introduction of BMW's fully electric Vision Neue Klasse vision car at IAA Mobility. The groundbreaking Vision car represents end-to-end innovation, seamlessly integrating digitization, electrification, and circularity, providing a blueprint for an upcoming fleet of fully electric vehicles. Through the extensive campaign, BMW highlights its circular approach by showcasing how it places people at the forefront of this design language, embodying the promise of "Freude forever" or "Joy forever." In the expansive campaign series, BMW enlists ambassadors Adwoa Aboah, Kit Connor, and Alton Mason to explore the meaning of "Neue Klasse," a term described by Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW Group, as "nothing less than the future of the BMW brand." Aboah, in the campaign video, brings her broad perspective from the creative landscape, drawing on her roles as a respected model, actor, and founder of Girls Talk. Emphasizing the importance of a shift in mindset, she identifies "a change in the way we think" as a driving force behind "The Neue New" and the future of her industry. Meanwhile, breakout actor Connor radiates positivity and confidence in the campaign, exploring the bright possibilities presented by the new vision car with a "feeling of optimism" for the future. The campaign then shifts to Mason, a pioneering model of color who has witnessed the impact of his efforts in the modeling scene and now encourages others to do the same. He connects this perspective to how "Neue Klasse" embodies "forward-thinking positivity and creativity"—a mantra he carries with him daily. By giving a voice to these individuals, BMW explores how this pivotal message resonates in three inspiring journeys as they encounter new experiences in different aspects of life. In addition to this compilation, the brand will release portrait interviews on Instagram, delving deeper into their personal insights. Stay tuned to the ambassadors' Instagram channels for more details. BMW's "The Neue New" campaign will be shared globally across its social media platforms.

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