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Mackenzie Ziegler for francesca’s

Mackenzie Ziegler named the face of francesca's

Mackenzie Ziegler named the face of francesca's - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

Francesca's welcomes Mackenzie Ziegler with her edgy style.

As an influencer and musician, Mackenzie Ziegler collaborates with fashion brands to create limited-edition collections that reflect her personal style. The collection features dresses, jackets, tops, trousers, jeans, skirts, and more.

There are pieces in this collection that are traditionally feminine and masculine.

“I always wanted to create my own clothing line, and I also wanted to create something that everyone could feel comfortable in. It’s both masculine and feminine. Small tops and I tried baggy pants, I love getting out of my comfort zone and I think that was the main goal of this collection.”

A leather jacket similar to one Mackenzie Ziegler owns and frequently wears was Ziegler's inspiration for the collection. It was.

She also wanted an edgy look with pieces like floral slip dresses with lace detailing, baggy jeans, leather pants and checked skirts. On the contrary, I wanted to bring in pastel colors to give my customers more options.

This is the first time Mackenzie Ziegler has worked with a fashion brand that gives him complete creative control.

Several fashion influencers were involved in the design process for the collection, meeting with designers in Houston to decide on fabrics and other details.

Chief Marketing Officer Jann Parish said: “I was looking into my first major collaboration, so I knew I wanted to work with someone who was in a moment of transition. There was no question that embodied the ethos of our “Free to Be You” brand positioning. It’s the perfect mix of new, uplifting pieces inspired by. ”

She first became famous in her childhood when she appeared on the reality show Dance Moms with her little sister, Maddy Ziegler.

Her first studio album called 'Mack Z' was released in 2014. Throughout her career, she has grown her Instagram following to almost 15 million.

She will also continue with her music career and is currently working on her new album.

Ziegler's Kenzie x Francesca fashion collection is available in the brand's stores and online for $46-$96.

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