Posted by Paul Grimwood on Apr, 25 2017

Melanie Sykes Fronts #ItsInTheBag Campaign for Lyons

TV presenter Melanie Sykes has been announced as the new face of Lyons Coffee Bags and will front the new #ItsInTheBag Campaign.

Melanie Sykes for Lyons Coffee Bags Lyons Coffee has a new face: Melanie Sykes. Hired to raise the profile of the century-old brand, the TV presenter and self-confessed coffee lover will front a 12-month long national communications campaign. The #ItsInTheBag brand campaign will highlight the Lyons Coffee Bag, mixing PR, social media and digital content creation to demonstrate “they’re just like tea bags, but coffee”. Giving the media a taster, Lyons will host an afternoon coffee session as part of the campaign. RELATED: Melanie Sykes Promotes New TanOrganic Product #ItsInTheBag will benefit immensely from Melanie's endorsement, her toned body a testament to her healthy lifestyle and busy schedule, a schedule that requires the occasional caffeine boost. She comments, "I have a very busy schedule so the bags are perfect as I can take them with me in my handbag and enjoy them anytime, anywhere." Mel is also a dab hand at fronting big budget ad campaigns. Using her northern charm, she highlighted the refreshing nature of a pint of Boddington's beer in a classic 90s TV commercial, asking a dehydrated runner, "Do you want a flake with that, love?". Lyons appointed Manchester-based agency Brazen after a competitive pitch to deliver the national brand-building campaign. “Who knew that coffee came in a bag? We’re going to change that and make coffee bags every bit as famous as the tea bag,” explained Brazen CEO, Nina Webb. “As a nation we quaff a massive 70million cups of coffee a day, making the coffee market an extremely competitive place, but we believe we can break fresh new ground and help take the Lyons brand from strength to strength.”