Posted by The Celebrity Group on Feb, 06 2023

Miles Teller for Bud Light

Miles Teller dances in Bud Light’s new Super Bowl LVII Ad

Miles Teller for Bud Light - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity The fifty-seventh Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and fans all over the world are getting ready for the big game. Miles Teller is a part of it. And while though a huge number of people won't be watching the event live from Arizona, we do know that one aspect will be adored by spectators everywhere: the advertisements. This year, Bud Light, one of the companies that consistently ranks among the finest Super Bowl commercials, introduced a commercial featuring a celebrity couple enjoying a moment of finding joy in the small things. As they wait on hold to talk with a customer service agent, Miles Teller, his wife of three years, and his six-year-old French bulldog Bugsy are amusingly shown dancing to hold music. The commercial opens with Keleigh being put on a protracted hold while making a phone call. After being moved by the music playing on her phone, the Top Gun: Maverick star goes to get a few cold drinks and begins dancing to the beat. Then we see Keleigh joining in, and even Bugsy joining in on the humorous dancing improvisation. Teller claimed that the advertisement accurately depicted their relationship. The NFL's official beer sponsor, Bud Light, is demonstrating customers that Bud Light is "Easy to drink, Easy to enjoy" in order to have a different influence on them. On February 12, the advertisement will be shown during Super Bowl LVII among an average of 80 advertisements.
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