Posted by Paul Grimwood on Apr, 28 2017

New Pampers Campaign Headed by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Pampers has announced singer and model Sophie Ellis-Bextor as brand ambassador for its new Preemie Protection Range for premature babies.

Sophie Ellis Bextor for Pampers Campaign Singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has spoke about the drama of her sons' premature births while fronting a product launch campaign to promote 'preemie' nappies for Pampers. The Wanderlust hitmaker and mother of four sons admits she was terrified when her first child, Sonny, was born in 2004 at only 32 weeks, weighing a tiny 3lb 8oz (1.7 kilograms). RELATED: Sophie Ellis-Bextor Stars in Shoppable Pop Video for QVC Sophie says, "As a mum of two premature babies, I have seen first-hand the extraordinary power of babies to fight against the odds. I am so pleased that Pampers has developed special nappies for preemies." "When you're given the full-size newborn nappies on a baby that isn't a full-size newborn, the gap feels so pronounced," she remembers. "So this is lovely - not just because it fits them and everything looks proper, but because it shows people are aware you don't have that 'other' type of baby." Babies are labelled premature when they arrive before week 37 of a pregnancy, and Sophie admits she and her husband, Richard Jones, were caught totally off-guard when Sonny's arrival did not go according to plan. To add to their troubles, the new parents were horrified that the nappies they were given for their son were much too big, prompting Sophie to team up with Pampers bosses to promote their special new preemie line. Pampers plans to donate 3 million of its nappies to UK hospitals’ Neonatal Units, giving every premature baby born access to free nappies.