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Nigella Lawson - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

By partnering with Ocado, Nigella Lawson has developed an exclusive series of recipes which would provide a family of four with nutritious, fresh food for no more than $1.25 per serving.

In addition to these agreements, the launching of an ‘Nigella Loves’ section on the website with Nigella Lawson’s favorite products is to be found there.

“The recipes – of which four have been released today with more to come over the next 12 months – feature store cupboard staples like peanut butter and HP sauce and are “designed to help the nation make the most out of their store cupboards this autumn and beyond” Ocado said.

With a focus on “day-to-day essentials”, the resulting dishes are high on flavour and low on effort.

The partnership with Nigella Lawson is being advertised across social media, with footage showing Nigella Lawson answering the door for her latest delivery.

“From the novice cook to the adventurous foodie, we’ve always admired how Nigella makes home cooking accessible for everyone and can create unique flavour combinations using everyday ingredients,” said Laura Harricks, chief customer officer at Ocado Retail. “Now more than ever, the nation is looking for ways to be savvy with spending, across food and energy consumption. This is why our exclusive recipes with Nigella require little energy to cook and use everyday, household ingredients in a unique way. Nigella isn’t just our new ambassador, she is also a long-standing Ocado customer. And while the recipes are low on price, they’re big on flavour,” Harricks added.

According to Ocado’s research, two thirds (57%) of households are looking for more budget-friendly recipes this autumn, with more than half (54%) of Brits saying they’ll use up unused ingredients.

This ‘Nigella Loves’ aisle has around 30 items, with some major brands mixed in with Ocado and M&S’ own brands. Products range from a red wine by the name of Bowl Grabber Primitivo to Method Antibacterial All Purpose cleaner by Colman’s.

“I’m so thrilled to be joining with Ocado to come up with everyday recipes to make life easier and more delicious, and share with you the food I love at home,” Nigella Lawson said. “And, as a long-time Ocado shopper, it’s a particular pleasure to highlight the items I buy regularly and build my very own ‘Nigella Loves’ aisle, which I’ll be adding to often as I find new favourites. Sharing my enthusiasm and my food has always been a motivating force for me, and to be able to do this in connection with Ocado, with its huge and inspiring range of products is a real delight.”
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