Posted by Paul Grimwood on Jan, 19 2021

Noel Fielding Teams Up with Fendi

Noel Fielding has collaborated with Fendi as a guest artist.

Noel Fielding for Fendi

Noel Fielding has collaborated with Fendi as a guest artist, working on the illustrations for the Italian fashion house's autumn/winter 2021 New Normal menswear collection, debuting during Milan Fashion Week.

The theme of the collection plays off of and challenges what we perceive as "normal" clothing, and reimagines what people might wear when the time comes for everyone to reemerge from COVID-19 lockdowns.

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The Great British Bake Off presenter shared the news on Instagram, posting, 'Very excited to announce that I have collaborated with @fendi (using my artwork) for their new menswear winter collection!!!'.

"Now, I think we find ourselves more open to everything, even if we are confined. We had to change our habits so much, and we've demonstrated how flexible we are, and how open we are to what is happening. To me, Noel Fielding represents this," Fendi told Vogue UK. "He's a multi-faceted man: an actor, a comedian, but also an artist, a musician, a writer. Today, you have to be a multi-tasker, someone who escapes definition."

The playful brightness of Fielding’s designs is particularly needed as the UK endures its third national lockdown – something Fielding is surviving by making art and hanging out with his kids. “Maybe it will make us more streamlined,” Noel reflects. “Get zen. I hope so.”

As he basks in the glory of Fendi’s dazzling virtual runway show – “It’s like a gig; there’s a lot of build up and everyone’s buzzing,” he exclaims.