Posted by Paul Grimwood on Aug, 05 2017

Rachel Riley Joins Forces with eHarmony

Rachel Riley has teamed up with eHarmony to find simple ways to increase the odds of finding love.

Rachel Riley for eHarmony Countdown’s Rachel Riley has calculated the odds of finding love in a new promotional campaign for eHarmony. As part of the 'Odds of Love' advertising campaign, they found that making simple changes to daily routines, such as going to the gym or taking up a hobby, can help increase someone's chances of meeting the right person. RELATED: Kellogg’s Enlists Rachel Riley to Launch New Cereal Range Rather depressingly, however, Riley calculates that the odds of finding love are 1 in 562. This is compared to a 1 in 55 chance of becoming a millionnaire, and a 1 in 67 chance of having twins. Rachel says, "I'm delighted to be working with eHarmony to help singles increase their odds of finding love. When it comes down to it, love really is a numbers game... Obviously joining an online dating site can make a huge difference, increasing the odds of finding love by almost a fifth. That said, so many sites don't do much beyond matching members on looks, location and interests, whereas eHarmony goes a lot further and matches its members based on key personality traits meaning that not only will there be chemistry - but a strong chance of high compatibility. This means, based on personality, you increase your odds of finding a happy, long-lasting relationship by 80 per cent."