Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 14 2022

Ryan Gosling for Gucci

Ryan Gosling stars in Gucci campaign

Ryan Gosling for Gucci - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

Ryan Gosling News - By photographer Glen Luchford's lens, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele's interests in travel and ancient civilization can be understood.

The new Gucci Valigeria campaign, featuring actor, screenwriter, director, and musician Ryan Gosling, upends the idea that a suitcase is simply a container.

We present this series of iconic shots that departures from the typical visual representation of luxury brands and links it to a deep reflection of the culture of travel which informs the company's identity.

In 1921 Gucci was founded in Florence by Guccio Gucci. Two decades earlier he had moved from France and then from London and founded Gucci there.

Despite being raised in the tightly-woven society of his native Florence, Gucci found the transformative potential in travelling through London, a hotspot for international travellers and those eager to experience culture.

Gucci's latest star, Ryan Gosling, took Gucci Savoy from coastal vistas to roadside motels, diverting from lavish life on the road to acknowledge the impact of a name forged from a woman's intuition.

In Mr. Gucci's time, traveling represented experience, displacing the certainty of one's social environment, and embracing the unexpected.

While on a journey, Ryan Gosling uses everything of the illustrious Gucci company - cases, trunks, luggage, handbags, hatboxes, and more.

“Travel for Gucci was never purely physical. Gucci is the brand that accompanied the artists, writers, actors, and directors of Hollywood on their journeys… This is why I wanted the advertising campaign to recount a situationist dimension where the protagonist traverses a “non-place” that is first and foremost a mental place, the same as those who, in the past and present, choose Gucci because they grasp the significance of creativity used to build imaginary places. And it is for this reason that a Gucci suitcase appears as a magical suitcase,” says Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

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