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Ryan Reynolds and Harvey Fierstein for Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds and Harvey Fierstein partner with Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds and Harvey Fierstein partner with Mint Mobile - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group
Ryan Reynolds and Harvey Fierstein partner with Mint Mobile - The "Big Game" is quickly approaching, and we all know what it means in terms of sports and marketing. The most well-known companies across a wide range of industries are undoubtedly getting ready to release their most expensive advertisements of the year, but as always, there are also businesses that will attempt to attract comparable levels of attention in a simpler, significantly less expensive, and frequently more effective manner.
Consider Mint Mobile, a recent wireless startup that is partially controlled by none other than Ryan Reynolds. We're not shocked to see Mint's main Super Bowl LVII commercial posted early on YouTube and Twitter given that it now offers unlimited call, text, and high-speed data for as cheap as $60 for 90 days.   The 50-second advertisement, which stars Ryan Reynolds and four-time Tony Award winner Harvey Fierstein, is already attracting millions of viewers to the mobile virtual network operator's official social media channels despite not airing live during the most anticipated football event of the season.
Like many other Mint Mobile promotional movies and publicity gimmicks in the past, this one does a great job of educating the public on the advantages and benefits of the small carrier while also injecting a good deal of natural fun.
The commercial, which makes use of both Reynolds and Fierstein's inherent charisma, is a mix of self-deprecating humour and competition mocking. If the premise seems familiar, it's probably because Verizon released a late last year that was strikingly similar (but much less amusing) and included SNL comic Cecily Strong, a massive outdoor logo for some reason, and perhaps even more puzzling, Oscar candidate Paul Giamatti as Albert Einstein.   Ryan Reynolds does what he does best, delivering his cheeky lines with lighthearted sarcasm and flawlessly driving home the message of the commercial: that you'd be a fool not to try out Mint Mobile for the low, low price of... $0. In contrast, Harvey Fierstein plays Isaac Newton (because why not?) with hilariously little effort.
Yes, Mint is (still) offering 30 days of service on the "nation's largest 5G network" (cough, T-Mobile, cough), which includes unlimited speak and text as well as 10 gigabytes of data. Alternately, you can benefit from the aforementioned offer and spend $60 for three months of unlimited everything. It seems sense that T-Mobile would contemplate making an offer for this decidedly ambitious, wholly unorthodox, and budget-conscious business.
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