Posted by Paul Grimwood on Apr, 23 2020

Shahd Batal Collaborates with ASOS

Shahd Batal has partnered with ASOS, curating her own style edit.

Shahd Batal for ASOS Celebrity influencer Shahd Batal has teamed up with ASOS for an exclusive style edit, ranging from sweatsuits to maxi dresses to her favorite beauty products. "My style is very versatile so I wanted the ASOS Style Edit to reflect that and include pieces for any occasion. I'm having a moment right now where I love mixing occasion wear and casualwear," Batal said. "I'm fortunate to travel quite a bit and that is my favorite time to create content, so I kept travel in mind. I love easy, monochrome looks, so two-piece sets, jumpsuits and dresses are my go-to. I also had spring in mind, so I wanted to add wearable colors that I know look beautiful on WOC and photograph beautifully." RELATED: CARDI B PARTNERS WITH FASHION NOVA All of Batal's clothing choices for the edit had modest wear in mind, something that she views as a sartorial challenge rather than a struggle. Since she's been wearing a hijab for a little over three years, she's constantly finding new ways to incorporate it into her ever-evolving style. "I love the challenge of styling a piece I love or making trends hijab-friendly," she says. "A motto I try to live by is that I don't have to sacrifice my faith for fashion or fashion for my faith." One of the biggest challenges she's faced while shopping for fashion-forward modest clothing is finding it at an equally modest price point. Her mission for the ASOS Style Edit was to make modest wear both accessible and affordable. "My biggest struggle is always having to dig through hundreds or thousands of items to find a maxi dress that doesn't have a large slit down the middle or isn't couture pricing. Although I don't always mind sifting through, not everyone has the time, so I really wanted this to be a one-stop shop," she explains. "Another issue I've faced has been finding places that cater to women who want to dress modest but the pieces they offer often feel dated. To me, this edit feels like a fun and elevated take on modest fashion. I'm conscious there are people who dress more modestly than me, so I've kept the edit authentic to my style, but included versatile pieces that can work for a range of women."