Posted by The Celebrity Group on Jan, 31 2023

Sharman Joshi for OLX Auto

OLX Autos launches its fourth ‘OLXtraaa’ campaign film featuring Sharman Joshi

Sharman Joshi for OLX Auto - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group   The fourth film in the OLX Autos brand campaign, "OLXtraaa," starring Sharman Joshi, has been released. This film, a continuation of the OLXtraaa campaign, encourages sellers to sell their vehicles on OLX Autos in order to get not only the best price, but also the best experience.   Every customer values extras. Lowe Lintas conceptualized and created the campaign, which emphasizes the 'extraaa' benefits that OLX Autos provides to their customers in terms of a seamless car selling experience as well as the best price for their car.   The film depicts two neighbors working out at the gym and striking a deal for his car when Sharman Joshi appears on a moving treadmill and offers the customer the 'OLXtraaa' price. The 'OLXtraaa' price for the car is significantly higher, making the seller's offer irresistible.   Taking a lighthearted and straightforward storytelling approach, all of the films rely on deadpan humor and character expressions. Sharman Joshi, dressed as an OLX Autos representative, enters each film in a completely unpredictable manner, heightening the humor in the films. This eccentricity, along with upbeat music, has been used as cues to heighten the comical situations.  
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