Posted by Ron on Dec, 06 2013

Sherrie Hewson for Foxy Bingo

What do you get when a loose woman meets a foxy character? An exclusive tell-all, of course! Online bingo fans received a treat when Benidorm actress Sherrie Hewson popped into Foxy Bingo for a quick chat detailing her time on the Loose Women panel, as well as to give out essential relationship advice following THAT infamous date with Steve McQueen! But would the Sherrie Hewson interview on Foxy Bingo leave Foxy to do a 31 – get up and run; or even draw a 34 – and ask for more? Let’s find out… Everyone’s favourite ‘loose lady’ became bingo’s new ‘Foxy Friend’ in a hilarious account about her life and plans for a novel – which fingers and crossed, could include a certain fox! With Foxy Bingo dazzling his new lady friend with bingo lingo, Sherrie Hewson opens up to talk about how beautiful Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole is, but would be a little too beautiful to join the rest of the Loose Women cast – which could be a good thing, as apparently when any men are interviewed on the show, they cover all their private parts in fear of being mauled! Talk about ‘man alive’! The web chat also features how she continued to ‘strive and strive’ in order to overcome the obstacles in her life, thanks to a little help from her friends and family – but also mentions that the love of a fox wouldn’t also go amiss!