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VALENTINA SAMPAIO FOR VOGUE SCANDINAVIA - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group SCANDINAVIA - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group     The editorial in the December 2022 issue of Vogue Scandinavia features Valentina Sampaio. The Brazilian model was captured on camera by Lea Winkler, while Ryan Lucca handled the creative direction. Both the model's makeup and outfit were done in blush-colored tones.   Hung Vanngo, a cosmetics artist, designed her glitter eye and pink lip looks. To finish Valentina Sampaio's appearance, hairstylist Rutger worked on her messy tresses. The Victoria's Secret model inspires for the end of the year and beyond with her vibrant and daring ensemble, which brings the season's newest trends to life.   The publication's beauty editor is Esteban G. Villanueva. Anita Lau, the stylist, places an emphasis on sleek looks to go with the model's vibrantly colored makeup. Mo Qin is also in charge of the beauty shoot's nail art. Jayden Ho Pham, a makeup assistant, and Chad Hilliard, a lighting director   Valentina Sampaio has an indisputable presence and is still a major player in the fashion world. She fronts the Giorgio Armani Holiday 2022 advertising campaign in addition to being featured in fashion magazines.
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