Posted by The Celebrity Group on Jan, 25 2023

Vijay Deverakonda for Hyderabad Black Hawks

Vijay Deverakonda becomes the co-owner and brand ambassador of Hyderabad Black Hawks

Vijay Deverakonda for Hyderabad Black Hawks - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group   Heartthrob Vijay Deverakonda has accomplished a lot in his career. The actor continues with another. By acquiring a minority stake in the Hyderabad Black Hawks of the Prime Volleyball League, Telugu actor becomes a co-owner of the team.   Vijay Deverakonda has been named the Hyderabad Black Hawks' brand ambassador. The actor owns 10% of the team, which is worth up to Rs. 160 crores. Vijay is now an official co-owner of the team, along with investor Abhishek Reddy Kankanala.   Abhishek Reddy Kankanala, the principal owner of the Black Hawks, said, “We are excited to have Vijay joining us, both as a co-owner and a brand ambassador. He brings a new perspective into the mix that can really push our brand to the next level and advance our organization a massive step towards achieving our vision as THE team that represents the spirit and culture of Telugu people across the world. We are thrilled about what is to come.”   Vijay Deverakonda, reflecting on all the discussions leading up to this monumental partnership, said, “The Black Hawks is more than just another sports team. To all of us, who proudly display our Telugu heritage, it is a representative of the Telugu people, and a symbol of our spirit and strength. I will do whatever it takes to take our team and our brand to all parts of India and beyond.”   "It is our vision to take volleyball to all corners of the country, to all ages, all genders, all backgrounds, and all levels of athleticism. We want to empower our rural communities the same way as our cities, and level the playing field for all of our children. We want volleyball to be more than just a sport. We want to transform it into something that can help and benefit everyone," said Vijay Deverakonda.   The Prime Volleyball League (PVL), also known as the RuPay Prime Volleyball League due to sponsorship, is an Indian professional men's indoor volleyball league. The first season began in February 2022. The league is a Baseline Ventures initiative with no involvement from the Volleyball Federation of India, and it is a renamed version of the Pro Volleyball League, which was held in February 2019.   The season will consist of 31 games, which will be broadcast on Sony Sports Network and its OTT platform. The organization claimed a total television viewership of 41 million in its first season.   On the professional front, Vijay Deverakonda has landed some lucrative brand endorsements.  
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