Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 17 2022

Andrea Pirlo Fronts Latest Qatar Tourism Campaign

"No Football. No Worries." Andrea Pirlo Fronts Latest Qatar Tourism Campaign

[caption id="attachment_35504" align="alignnone" width="200"]Andrea Pirlo - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group Qatar Tourism Logo[/caption]
The renowned Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo is the face of Qatar Tourism's latest international advertising campaign, "No Football. No Worries." The legendary athlete Andrea Pirlo, who is most known for having represented Italy at the international level, will demonstrate all that Qatar has to offer as well as where to find its top-notch attractions.   In a series of amusing commercials, viewers witness Andrea Pirlo having fun on various excursions in Qatar, from kitesurfing at the nation's newest resort, Fuwairit Kite Beach, to exploring the culture at the Museum of Islamic Art and sandboarding down the sand dunes of the Inland Sea.   Italian football legend Andrea Pirlo said: "I have really enjoyed exploring Qatar. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people and has so much to offer. Whether you're a sports fan or not, you can enjoy Qatar and experience adventure, culture and thrilling activities – I have been many times before, and I can't wait to visit again."   Haya Al-Noaimi, Head of the Promotion Section at Qatar Tourism, said: "Qatar will soon be home to millions of visitors from around the world and we look forward to sharing with guests the variety of captivating experiences that feature in our latest, playful campaign. From vibrant souqs to majestic natural landscapes, Qatar offers its warm, authentic hospitality at each touchpoint of the visitor journey while catering to every interest and every type of budget."   The "No Football. No Worries." advertisements have started. On November 15, they went live across local TV stations, social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, as well as internet venues like YouTube and the Google Display Network in 17 different countries.   The ad is a component of the new global brand strategy for Qatar Tourism, "Feel More in Qatar," which emphasizes the family-friendly attractions and experiences available in Qatar.   In December, the main "Feel More in Qatar" campaign will get underway. It introduces a family to three engrossing animated characters as well as Qatar's famed hospitality and warm welcome, as well as the variety of emotional experiences they will have there. Shaheen the falcon, Maha the Arabian oryx, and Lulu the hawksbill turtle serve as the characters' representations of Qatar's iconic wildlife and lead the family in discovering the country's essence as a place that combines cosmopolitan modernity, breathtaking landscapes, and a rich tradition and culture.
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