Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 17 2022

Bicep for TikTok

Bicep is the latest face of TikTok’s #ElectronicMusic campaign

Bicep - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group The Northern Irish duo Bicep will be performing live on TikTok's newest music stream, the platform has announced. Fans can watch their concert live on TikTok via their account on December 2 in London's Alexandra Palace, where four new songs will be debuted.   The concert is a component of a larger collaboration between TikTok and Bicep, as part of which the trio will serve as the face of the app's #ElectronicMusic campaign in December.   Following Wet Leg's performance in London last week, which was streamed under the #AltMusic hashtag, the event will be TikTok's second significant genre-hashtagged livestream in the UK.   A contest of genres? Well, when the Wet Leg stream was released, videos with the hashtag #AltMusic had racked up 1.2 billion views, which obviously includes many pieces that were not a part of the specific promotion. With the same disclaimer, videos with the hashtag #ElectronicMusic have received more than 3.4 billion views on TikTok.   The Bicep concert will be streamed live around the world, and the group has just over 71,000 TikTok followers.  
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