Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 28 2021

Es Devlin collaborates with Pangaia

Sustainable clothing brand Pangaia has released a new capsule collection in collaboration with the British artist and stage designer, Es Devlin. This new collection features a four-piece apparel, made up of a hoodie, track trackpants, shorts and a T-shirt, all in Devlin's signature orange that has been 'reflected throughout her artworks over the years' and 'sparks a bold emotion that both invigorates and energises individuals'. This partnership comes after the recent Glasgow COP26 conference, where Devlin created a stage made up of 197 trees. Speakers such as the teenage Greta Thunberg and Ban Ki-moon. Devlin commented: ‘Historically, the forest has always been a place of transformation - whether it’s a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream or As You Like It, the characters go in, have a moment of change, and leave in a different state to when they entered.’ The clothing brand has the following to say on their website: 'Our collaboration wasn't just born out of the mutual love and appreciation for the other’s work. It was inspired by creativity, a love of art and the determination to take action against climate change.  We have the same shared purpose, the same shared love of creative processes and the shared innate desire to do something about tomorrow’s problems.' 100% of the profits of this new collaboration will go towards the non-profit organisation Instituto Terra, which focuses on restoring the environment and rural development. Using public personalities, brand ambassadors and celebrities is something that not only increases brand awareness, but has also been shown to increase sales. This is something in which the team at The Celebrity Group are experts in, with more than 30 years' experience. Contact them at www.celebrity-group.com for more information, or to download their FREE eBook “Celebrities Sell”.