Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 21 2021

LeBron James for Ruffles

LeBron James, the 17-time NBA All-Star, has partnered with Ruffles, the Official Chip of the NBA, for a multi-year partnership through the novel Own Your Ridges campaign. This campaign seeks to empower sport fanatics to not only embrace life's obstacles (or "ridges"), but also to celebrate them. The campaign showcases a new television advertisement with the title Ruffles D.N.A., with Kendrick Lamar's song D.N.A. as the soundtrack. This advertisement sees the All-Star reflecting on his own "ridges", such as growing up in Akron, Ohio, as well as the tale of four others who powered through the "ridges" and found success. James commented: 'The idea of owning your ridges and embracing what makes us all different resonates with me on a lot of levels. I'm excited about the depth of the Ruffles D.N.A. campaign and being able to engage everyone with its empowering message'. The main aim of this advertisement is to inspire people. Everyone's story varies, and everyone can get out on the other side of whatever obstacle they're facing. Using public personalities, brand ambassadors and celebrities is something that not only increases brand awareness, but has also been shown to increase sales. This is something in which the team at The Celebrity Group are experts in, with more than 30 years' experience. Contact them at www.celebrity-group.com for more information, or to download their FREE eBook “Celebrities Sell”.