Posted by The Celebrity Group on Dec, 10 2023

Roman Kemp named TRIC president

British radio presenter Roman Kemp has been revealed as the incoming president of the Television and Radio Industries Club (TRIC) for the year 2024, succeeding Robert Rinder in this prestigious role. A spokesperson for TRIC expressed their enthusiasm for Kemp's appointment, stating, 'TRIC is very fortunate to have such a progressive president in Roman Kemp that will bring TRIC to a new audience.'

Roman Kemp's selection as TRIC president suggests a strategic move by the organization to bring in a dynamic and contemporary figure who can contribute to the club's evolution and outreach. As a well-known radio presenter and media personality, Kemp is expected to bring a fresh perspective to TRIC, appealing to a diverse and modern audience.

The spokesperson's reference to Kemp as a "progressive president" indicates an intention to usher in new initiatives and perspectives under his leadership. The choice of the word "progressive" suggests a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the evolving landscape of the television and radio industries.

TRIC's acknowledgment of Kemp's potential to bring the organization to a new audience highlights the importance of staying relevant and engaging with a broader demographic. Kemp's popularity and appeal across various media platforms make him an ideal figure to attract a diverse audience to TRIC events and initiatives.

As Kemp takes on the role of TRIC president, there is anticipation of exciting developments and innovative approaches that will contribute to the organization's continued success. The spokesperson's statement underscores the significance of leadership in shaping the trajectory of TRIC and ensuring its resonance with the ever-changing dynamics of the television and radio industries.

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