Posted by The Celebrity Group on Jan, 24 2023

Timothée Chalamet for Apple TV+

Timothée Chalamet fronts Apple TV+ campaign

Timothée Chalamet for Apple TV+ - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group   In its new branding campaign "Call Me With Timothée Chalamet," Apple TV+ has teamed up with Timothée Chalamet to showcase its original programs and big-name lineup.   Timothée Chalamet is shown in the campaign video falling head over heels for Apple TV+, praising its works such as "Causeway," "Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me," and the Emmy-winning Jason Sudeikis comedy "Ted Lasso." Timothée Chalamet wonders why he doesn't have a role on Apple TV+ yet.   Timothée Chalamet begins to fantasize about future acting jobs while watching Apple TV+ programs at home alone, in a car surrounded by fans, at a press conference, and even at a spa. "'Severance' is strange... "I can do strange things," Chalamet says.   The video then shows Chalamet in his bed, with the TV in front of him showing the Apple TV+ homepage. "Scorsese, DiCaprio, De Niro," Chalamet says (from "Killers of the Flower Moon"), and the video ends with him pleading with the camera, "Hey Apple, call me?"   "Call Me With Timothée Chalamet" follows the success of Apple TV+'s "Everyone But Jon Hamm" campaign in January 2022, in which Hamm asked Apple, "Did I do something to offend you?" Hamm will appear in Season 3 of Apple TV+'s "The Morning Show" soon.  
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